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Advanced Power Strips: The Unsung Hero of The Holiday Season

December 17, 2021 National Grid US

The Average American spends roughly $200 on energy used by products that are plugged in, but not in use. And with the holidays on the way, families are using energy to power their lights, decorations, and gatherings more than any other season. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to one of the most underrated ways to save energy at home: The Advanced Power Strip (APS). Using smart, efficient products like these around the house can help you reduce energy usage year-round.


What is an APS?

We’re used to plugging our devices into surge protectors. But you can take that protection to another level and add smart elements to help you prevent Standby Power Loss. That’s when your devices aren’t in use, but they’re still using power. An Advanced Power Strip (APS) stops power drain by stopping the signals from these devices and keeping them from using energy.

Tier 2 Advanced Power Strips go even farther, sensing infrared remote use and automatically detecting whether to send power to devices. These smart strips adjust to your habits, mitigate blown fuses, and turn off devices automatically, saving you energy without having to think about it.



A Holiday Staple

While advanced power strips are useful all year round, they’re especially handy around the holidays, when more lights, devices, and appliances are in use in homes across America. An APS is a great way to manage holiday displays and make sure you’re not experiencing any unexpected power use. Plus, it’s a perfect unexpected gift for people who use a lot of devices (with lots of chargers): DIYers, gamers, home theater buffs and more.

See what a difference an APS can make in your home.

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