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Give your home study space a back-to-school upgrade.

August 2, 2023 National Grid US

Back to School Smile

Before they hit the books, optimize their favorite homework spot with these simple improvements.

Summer is winding down, and back-to-school season is here again. So it's a great time to find new ways to make sure your household scholars are set up for success, while also keeping an eye on efficiency. Read on, for a few fast and easy ways to save energy while keeping people comfortable and productive!

Shine a new light


A great study area starts with energy-efficient lighting that's easy on the eyes and conducive to homework. Consider LED lighting: it provides ideal illumination that consumes less energy, lowering electric use over time.

Get smart about power supply

Did you know that a laptop charger still uses energy, even if your laptop is fully charged? By sensing when a device is in standby mode and automatically regulating the flow of power, smart power strips can help ensure that your electronics aren't silently costing you through "vampire" consumption.


Clean the air


No matter the time of year, nothing keeps the mind alert and focused like fresher, cleaner air. So don't forget to consider an energy-efficient air purifier or other air quality device for your study area—and your entire home.

Choose your ideal study temperature

Not too hot. Not too cold. The best temperature for studying might be a matter of personal taste, but there's a great way to maintain just the right climate: a smart thermostat. It can be automated to keep your scholars feeling just right, while saving energy and lowering bills.


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